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Common Home Owner Questions and Misconceptions:

Q: How can I be sure my sewer lines are in good condition and properly maintained?

A: We can perform a video inspection of your sewer line to observe potential problems such as root intrusion, grease buildup, or failing pipe. If there is a blockage we can use cable rooting, hydro-jetting equipment to remove grease and roots from lines.

Q: What happens when roots get inside lines?

A: Root intrusion in sewer pipes, if left unchecked, will eventually result in slow or clogged drains. Once they penetrate, they continue to grow and can completely fill the pipe with tangled root masses. These masses trap toilet tissue and other debris flowing to the main sewer. The roots also exert pressure on the pipe, often leading to breakage.

Clay pipe is the most susceptible to root intrusion, followed by concrete pipe. PVC pipe is more resistant to a certain degree due to having fewer, more tightly fitted joints.

Q: Why shouldn’t I pour grease down the drain?

A: Grease can quickly build up in your drain lines. One myth is that mixing hot water with the grease will keep it from clogging your lines. The truth is that by the time the grease gets to your lateral sewer line it will have cooled enough to build up. As a homeowner, you are responsible for your lateral line as well as the pipes in your house. Call SMT, if you think your pipes are clogged with grease or another obstruction.